If you have a sewing machine and the sewing machine keeps jamming just a little bit or not stitching well you need to gather up those stitches manually. Never fear, this simple trick will loosen up any embroidery needle or bobbin in seconds!


Learn how to fix sewing machine jams and problems. This video provides step-by-step instructions on using power tools to troubleshoot your own sewing machine problems.

Sewing Machines are essential in any household and can take a beating. However, the quality of jean fabric is not always optimal, which means you have to pay close attention to your sewing machine as new sewing machines are often replaced due to wear and tear that result from a tough job. Whether you’re looking for an affordable but reliable basic sewing machine or something completely unique, you will find it here! If you are looking for a mechanical sewing machine, we have the best sewing machine in market. We provide quality service for any defects and issues. Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


There is a solution if your sewing machine has been jamming and not stitching. The gathering stitch is getting stuck on the sewing machine. If it is mine, I have cleaned it, lubricated it and still not working. Throw of your sewing machine or help keep it. You are well aware that the sewing machine jams and you need to replace the part. But replacing it become costly ends up being much more expensive than making a new one to keep yourself safe. You may have noticed that your machine has a tendency to jam when you are sewing. Jamming can occur for many reasons; How do I know if my machine is jammed? Below are some signs that indicate that your machine is not working properly, or if it shuts off on its own.

Singer Sewing Machines

This is a review of the Singer Featherweight model. There are many features and specs that may be useful for your sewing machine buying decision. The Singer Featherweight is part of the Singer Featherweights series, which includes the Singer 2360, Singer 2331, Singer 2332 and other models. We have found that the most common issues that our customers have with their sewing machines are jamming and not stitching. We’ve also seen many people just get frustrated by the gathering stitch on their sewing machine. If you have any of these problems or if you’re interested in purchasing a new sewing machine, please view our page on troubleshooting your sewing machine and give us a call at 1-800-701-9017


This sewing machine can only stitch 3-4 stitches at a time. There are some sewing machines that have come with too many issues in quality control and for the wrong reasons, or not at all. Some of these reasons include:
Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming | Sewing Machine Not Stitching | Gathering Stitch On Sewing Machine
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I think the reason why my sewing machine jam and not stitch is that it’s worth cleaning. If you are new to sewing machine you can use a very small needle ( just like sewing a button with a very tiny needle )  that works very well and doesn’t hurt your hands to push in/out of the hole. Put it through the hole and poke on both sides until you feel it goes all inside. If your sewing machine is not working properly and you are unable to sew or your stitches are not coming out properly, this situation needs immediate attention. To fix it, you need to check the needle and see if it is worn or damaged. If so, replace it with a new one. You can also visit a repair shop or buy an extra needle from them.

Sewing machine is not working well and it needs immediate repair

This sewing machine cannot be assembled. The problem is that the fabric covering cannot properly attach to the bobbins, so the machine is not functioning properly.

Sewing machine keeps jamming

The machine will not stitch, sewing thread is tangled and the gathering stitch on the sewing machine doesn’t work as it should, If you are having issues with your sewing machine, this is the best place to be. We have over 500 helpful people with unique knowledge that can assist you with any issues you may have with your current machine or any questions you may have about your machine. If you’re using a traditional sewing machine but getting stuck, or your stitches are not good and staying put, you may need to re-thread your machine. In most cases, this will be very simple. Use the instructions on the label inside your machine’s cover, which tells you where to look for a serial number (check the back cover) and the owner’s manual.

The sewing machine jammed, then it got stuck in the gathering stitch.

GATHERING STITCH ON SEWING MACHINE: When the sewing machine jams or makes a noise, there may be several reasons. First, it is important to understand why your machine is running hot or slow, or why the needle does not move properly. Your machine may be in need of repairs or maintenance. If this is the case, please see below for information about how to get your machine fixed by a professional service center.

A sewing machine is an essential household tool. It can be used to do a variety of tasks as long as you’re willing to practice a few basic techniques. The key is to master basic stitching like straight stitch, zigzag stitch, or satin stitch, then move on to specialty tasks like sewing on buttons and adding belt loops. Many sewing machines come with multiple stitches built in, but you can use any accessory that’s compatible with your machine to complete different projects.

The machine is still not able to sew.

The most common reason for an operationally jammed sewing machine is a thread jam. With the help of our repair experts, we’ll take a look at the machine and make sure it’s operating faultlessly before we get started. Sometimes your machine will just stop working. Here are some helpful hints to ensure that your sewing machine is running smoothly and safely.

Jamming is often caused by a clogged needle or dirty machine. Clean it thoroughly with warm, soapy water, then turn off the machine and unplug it. To clean a sewing machine needle, Unplug the machine. Remove all retaining clips and screws holding the worktable in place, then loosen the tacks that hold the feed dogs in place, insert a screwdriver between these two parts to release them. Take out each needle one at a time, pointing them down and inserting them into an ink pen cap until you see no more ink coming out of them. If necessary, run under warm soapy water for about 20 seconds (too much will get stuck inside and damage the needle plates too), then leave to dry completely before using again on another project

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