As a sewing beginner, you have so many options. What is the best sewing thread for a Brother machine? There are subtle differences between sewing thread, embroidery thread, and thread, and choosing the most compatible thread leads to professional results, not homemade ones.

Quality sewing machine thread stitches smoothly, rarely tangles, rarely breaks and leaves minimal lint. Sewing thread, especially the thread used to create seams, must be durable to withstand wear and tear. Choosing decorative thread or even machine embroidery thread for seams will not give you the durability of a good, strong sewing thread.

Therefore, especially with older threads or low-quality brands, do a strength test before inserting them into the machine. Take a small piece of string between your hands and pull to see if it resists the force. If not, throw it away. There are hundreds of thread types that are compatible with your sewing machine. BROTHER SEWING MACHINE THREADS.


Cotton fiber, a natural fiber, is made from 100% cotton. It is useful for sewing natural fibers such as cotton and linen and is popular with quilters.

It is available in different thicknesses and is durable, strong and ironable. As it does not stretch, do not use it on knitted, stretchy fabrics. However, some brands have different finishes to suit different applications.

There are 100% polyester threads Cotton polyester can be effectively used on synthetic and natural fiber fabrics because it combines the best properties of polyester and cotton.

In general, polyester thread works better than cotton with synthetic fabrics and stretch knit fabrics. It is stronger than cotton thread and has a bit of stretch so it wears well in seams. It is also more resistant to shrinkage and can have a slight sheen.


Several types of special thread work on your BROTHER SEWING MACHINE THREADS.

Metallic threads have a durable core and a fun metallic coating to add a nice shine to your project. They are notoriously difficult to master, but well worth it! Try loosening the tension and changing to a metal needle for best results.

This monofilament nylon thread, also known as transparent thread, creates invisible stitches. It’s popular for quilting and appliqué and often causes me to pull out a lot of hair trying to get it to work on my machines.

Quilting thread, specially designed for hand or machine quilting, is heavier than sewing thread and can be waxed to prevent breakage.

The machine embroidery thread is most often 40 wt., with which the embroidery patterns are digitized. It’s beautiful, shiny and yes, you can use embroidery thread in your Brother sewing machine.

Unless you own a high-performance Brother sewing machine, be careful if you regularly sew upholstery with a Brother sewing machine. However, if you want to quilt your upholstered creations on occasion, you can choose an upholstery thread.


If you’re looking in person, try local sewing stores, craft stores, or local big box stores. I DO NOT recommend Walmart brand yarn. I’ve been there, disposed of so early in my sewing experience. Choosing a quality thread will save you SO much trouble the first time. BROTHER SEWING MACHINE THREADS.

You can buy a large selection of yarn online from Amazon, JoAnn, or any yarn retailer!

Most threads will work in the machine, but make sure you choose the thread based on your project. And if you’re not sure about storage, check out my sewing thread storage and organization ideas!

  1. New stock 40 color polyester thread

If we had to choose the best sewing thread for a Brother machine – we would not hesitate to choose the New Broth head Polyester Thread Set with 40 colors.

What makes it such a great choice? It all starts with a combination of beautiful colors, including six shades of blue, six shades of green, various reds and oranges, black, white and many more. You will have enough to create a whole wardrobe full of different clothes.

Another excellent feature to enjoy is the weight with 40 WT for decent thickness. This goes well with a 550 yard length that takes the quality to another level.



With all that it offers, you won’t have to worry about the fiber not meeting your standards.

2. Paxcoo 72-Sewing target

A spool of thread is not always the best choice for your Brother machine. You may need coils to set up instead. That’s exactly what Paxcoo offers with its 72 coils of different colors.

If that’s not enough, you can still enjoy the 60-inch measuring tapes. And sure enough, the thread also boasts an array of 60 metal sewing needles. You will have enough time to decide whether you want to sew with maximum comfort on the machine – or use the needles by hand.



The combination of the softness and smoothness of the thread plus its quality design, colors and range of accessories – you won’t believe how affordable it is. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no better choice.

  1. Mandala Crafts Bonded Nylon Sewing Threads

For those looking for Brother Premium Sewing Thread, Mandala Crafts Bonded Nylon Thread will be the best choice. You get one of the most durable threads on the market. It comes with a strong nylon fabric construction that resists UV rays, mold, moisture and more.

In addition, it is completely unbreakable by hand. You can use it for repairing outdoor equipment, sewing leather, repairing shoes, upholstery, luggage and much more. Even so, you will get exceptional colors that you will enjoy. You can choose from a list of 21 different colors for any purpose. These colors include Airforce Blue, Tan, Beige, Silver, Red and many more.



Do you want a high quality thread that will last no matter where you use it? Then go for the Mandala Crafts Bonded-Nylon thread. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Brother SAEBT embroidery thread

You’ll be able to use it on almost any project without worrying about it breaking. In fact, it’s so elastic and decently thick that you can work with it on even the most complex projects without worry.

Nevertheless, the main advantage of this embroidery thread is the ability to work with a wide range of machines. You can do this with almost any Brother Embroidery machine. And it’s sure to fit a lot of other brands too – so you don’t have to worry about versatility.

To top it all off, you get a total of 5 spools of thread. Since each spool is 1,202 yards long, you probably won’t run out of thread anytime soon. So you can enjoy this thread to the fullest.



Do you want to equip your embroidery machine with quality threads? Then Brother SAEBT will not disappoint you. It is the perfect thread for any embroidery machine (Brother or otherwise).

  1. Gutermann 26-Spool Collection

Among the many options that stood out, Gutermann thread is a must-have.

Polyester construction will exceed your expectations. It is completely anti-tearing, anti-squeezing and anti-tangling for your pleasure. And you can expect little or no fluff with use – whether you sew by hand or machine.

Plus you get 26 reels with all the different colors you can expect. Whatever you want to use the thread for, there’s sure to be a spool out of the box.



It is the perfect combination of quality polyester thread with wonderful color options. This thread is great for beginners and experts alike.


BROTHER SEWING MACHINE THREADS. are probably the most popular sewing machine brand. Almost all models of this brand are at a higher level in terms of quality and durability. But achieving secure, durable stitches on your projects is easier when you use the right thread. Therefore, you must always try to choose the best thread for your Brother sewing machine.

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