Leather craftsmen around the world have been using these sewing machines for leather work for many years. The older style is hand operated and very strong and durable. This type of machine can handle leather up to three-quarters of an inch thick, and hand machines can stitch several layers of thin sanded leather.

Electric leather sewing machines are modern marvels. The technology that has been incorporated into these machines is astounding. There are computers that control the sewing to make sure the stitches are not too widely spaced or too narrow. One really nice thing about them is that they will produce the same results over and over again, especially with a computer program that guides the needles. Intricate designs are beautiful and create true works of art.

Finding the right one and not the one that’s really on clothes, but difficult, is an adventure, but a journey that can easily be taken on the Internet’s information superhighway. Many stores will have them, but few stores will have leather. Before you buy, do your research and fully understand what you are looking for in a leather sewing machine.

There are refurbished or used leather sewing machines available on the market. These machines are often almost brand new. This is very cost-effective for small business owners who don’t have a lot of capital to invest, or hobbyists who really don’t want to invest more than a few hundred dollars.


The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is currently the most sophisticated sewing machine for leather work on the market and is particularly suitable for sewing leather. It’s not a specific heavy duty sewing machine like the others on our list, but it’s perfectly set up for handling leather, with an impressively smooth fabric feed, strong feeders. The 9960 Quantum Stylist is the best garment sewing machine for many of you who work with leather. i will do It has a whopping 600 built-in stitches, tons of editing and customization options, and tons of easy-to-use features. SEWING MACHINE FOR LEATHER WORK.



Brother ST371HD

If you are looking for a cheaper sewing machine that can handle leather, the Brother ST371HD is the best choice for your job. While not as heavy duty as some of the more industrial and expensive machines on this list, it is very suitable for beginners and people on a budget. It’s easy to use, it’s a great sewing machine for leather, and it’s good for other sewing projects too.



Janome HD3000 sewing machine

Janome is known for its high-quality sewing machines, and the HD3000 is the perfect hybrid between a home and industrial leather sewing machine. It’s very easy to use, with an automatic needle threader and jam-proof top-loading bobbin system, while being incredibly effective on tough fabrics, especially medium-weight leather.



All fabrics behave in different ways: chiffon is soft, polyester stretches, and leather has its own properties to keep in mind when sewing (just like faux leather!).

Some types of leather are known to be “sticky” – meaning that when it comes time to use a sewing foot to hold the fabric in place, the leather can stick to the foot. You also have to be careful how you sew the leather, because once you make a hole in the leather, it’s hard to disguise it unlike other fabrics.

Due to the unforgiving nature of the heavy fabric, you can’t use pins to hold the material down unless you plan on these holes being part of your design, so it’s vital to get a sewing machine specifically designed for this leather.


Here are some leather accessories for sewing machine accessories for leather work that can enhance your overall experience. SEWING MACHINE FOR LEATHER WORK.

Leather can stick to the presser foot of your machine, making it difficult to guide the fabric, but you need the foot to hold in place – so what can you do?

Feeders – the mechanism that holds your material in place as you sew – are designed to gently push against the fabric so that the sewing needle can do its job.

The stronger the feeders (and the more you have), the better your machine will be able to guide the leather while sewing.

Whatever you do, you need a leather sewing needle when sewing leather.

You can buy them easily and cheaply online and they should fit most common sewing machines – but be sure to check compatibility with your particular machine before purchasing.

The wrong sewing needle will either lead to large, unsightly holes in the leather, or at the very least, the needle will break. Leather needles have a cutting tip that is designed to pierce tough leather fibers without dulling too quickly.

You might think it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but being able to adjust the stitch length of your machine is key when sewing leather.

A shorter stitch length (around 2mm) is better for penetrating thicker leather fibers without leaving large holes. A stitch that is too long and the holes will be visible and weaken the structure of your project.

Investing in a special leather presser foot can help your projects look sleeker and more professional. Including sewing leather, one type of special foot is a Teflon or roller foot. Another useful type of foot is a foot that has additional feeders to help guide thicker fabrics such as leather.

Waxed thread. Waxed thread also frays less, making stitches neater and less likely to unravel. You can find waxed thread at most craft stores or online. SEWING MACHINE FOR LEATHER WORK.


Home sewing machines for leather work have weaker needles, so if the leather you are using is too thick for this machine, the needle may break before piercing the fabric. SEWING MACHINE FOR LEATHER WORK.

Home machines are also designed to hold thinner fabrics, meaning the presser foot may not pinch the leather or the stitches may be too small, which would break the thread.

Industrial machines have denser needles, so if the leather is quite thin, this machine would create larger holes that could go against your design.

Similarly, industrial machines use larger stitches, which mean the skin you are stitching would break more easily.


Some of the top rated sewing machines for leather work that claim to be “perfect for working with leather” are fine for small purse or wallet projects – but they just can’t handle the demands of a heavy coat or leather jacket. Two of the best leather sewing machines we can recommend are the Janome HD3000 and the Singer 4423. Both are known for their heavy duty, which is absolutely key. If you want an efficient sewing machine for working with leather, it is best to invest in a model that is designed for heavy use.

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