A true WALKING FOOT INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE is designed for sewing items such as car and boat covers or upholstery, tarpaulins, tarpaulins, tents, safety harnesses, leather or vinyl and other extra heavy items. The work surface is larger than that of a home sewing machine, measuring up to 30 inches or more in some cases. The high speed and powerful motor ensure that even the most demanding sewing can be completed quickly and easily.

While not a home machine replacement for regular home sewing, an industrial model is desirable for anyone who needs to routinely sew heavier items. Machine sizes range from portable desktop models to those that require special, reinforced supports. Prices also vary widely.

An industrial sewing machine is usually very simple. Most of these are straight stitch only machines, but some also include a zigzag stitch function. When available, a built-in or attachable walking foot further increases the ease of quilting through multiple layers of thick materials. Intended sewing projects will determine what size and type of machine is needed. Various machine components may be sold separately; for example head and motor. Make sure you get a total price for all the necessary parts for any machine you are considering.


The WALKING FOOT INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE needle is easy to use despite the incredible stitch speed range of 2500 – 5000 per minute; and performs only one sewing function with which you could achieve a market quality, firm and perfectly even stitch. These industrial sewing machines can also vary in performance depending on what you need or what you are doing,

if you need more power to deal with the thickness of the fabric you want to use, you can use smaller rollers, and if you choose speed, especially those working with thinner fabrics, such as sewing clothes, you can use larger rollers for speed.

These industrial sewing machines are extremely flexible in terms of functionality, just look at what you really need and look for the right industrial sewing machine designed with the functionality you are looking for, such as if you are in the garment industry you will want a tailor head.

It would be best to bring an industrial sewing machine Contrary to what others say, don’t be fooled or confused by the terminology semi-industrial, heavy duty or industrial, as these terms do not imply or mean that the product itself is an industrial sewing machine, and primarily semi-industrial exactly that it doesn’t exist, it can only be an industrial sewing machine or not.


Here are some important things to consider before buying a WALKING FOOT INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE. They will be very helpful in deciding the best one within your budget.

Since sewing machines are designed for different and specific purposes, you need to look for one that meets your needs while also fitting into your budget. If you want to sew on different types of clothing at the same speed and want to easily adjust your sewing at the touch of a button, models like the Serger sewing machine, which are equipped with features to ensure the way you sew for commercial purposes, are wonderful. . A machine with a 20 needle angle and a 24.5mm needle bar lift makes good sense for the sewing industry. However, if you plan to make several quilts, make clothing, and make buttonholes, then a mid-range sewing machine will work well for your business.

As the machines come in two variants namely mechanical or computerized; it is advisable to know what will work better for you. Whether you want computerized or mechanical is a matter of personal preference. But it is a big factor when it comes to budget as there is a significant price difference between the two. So first you need to decide which one will suit you the most and then start hunting for your machine.

Budget plays a vital role in finding a commercial sewing machine that fits your needs. Since the prices of different machines vary greatly, it is a good idea to set a budget that you can afford. This is also helpful in finding a machine that comes with all the features you are looking for within that budget. If you’re on a budget and want a sewing machine that boasts state-of-the-art features, there’s nothing better than finding high-performance industrial sewing machine parts and replacing them with functional parts. It’s a good idea that works wonders and is tried by many sewing professionals who survive on meager capital.

After you are done with your search, the next important thing to do to find the best sewing machine is to test the machine. This is more important when you are looking for walking foot sewing machines because such machines are designed to perform a large number of stitches on different materials and take relatively less time. And testing the machine will help you understand whether the machine you are going to buy is suitable for your business and can meet your needs or not. In short, these four things will help you make a smarter decision about buying a commercial sewing machine.


Above all, you want to take the best care of your WALKING FOOT INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE, whether it’s a standard home machine or an industrial type like a walking sewing machine.


The intensive mechanism behind these  walking foot industrial sewing machines is to push the tip of the needle through the fabric so you can grip the handle of the needle with your finger and thumb from a finer thumb clamp. For more power, you should wear a thimble to keep the needle from pointing against the needle head. When you try to pull this needle through the fabric, it is better to use a soft rubber handle, it will help you pull it through the fabric.

You need to choose a needle that should have similar fiber content to your cloth. And it is also important to choose a suitable thread color that is the main color of your fabric. And also it is better to use cotton threads for light to medium weight fabrics and polyester threads for hand and machine sewing

Most of these types of sewing threads are suitable for sewing these synthetic fabrics. This cotton polyester sewing thread is used for many projects. And it is also suitable for those who want to sew by hand or by machine. And also silk thread is used for fine woven fabrics such as those used for transparent underwear.

The industrial sewing machine is designed for sewing heavy equipment such as car and boat covers or upholstery, sails, tarpaulins, tents, safety harnesses, etc. Prices also vary widely. An industrial sewing machine is indispensable in sewing industries. Most of these are straight stitch only machines, but some also include a zigzag stitch function.

If available, a built-in or attachable walking foot further increases the ease of quilting through multiple layers of thick materials. When considering the purchase of an industrial sewing machine, it is better to logically assess the needs. The intended sewing projects will determine the size and type of machine required.


There are so many types of walking foot industrial sewing machines available in the market today that come in different colors, sizes, stitch types, sewing speeds, features, functions, etc. Finding one machine for your specific sewing needs can be really easy, but getting a machine for all your sewing needs can be a little daunting. If you are new to sewing, then it would be best to stay away from sophisticated machines that are loaded with complex functions and features and start learning your way from a user-friendly basic all-round machine.

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