Brother quilting machines are very popular these days and make a great Christmas gift idea. If you’re shopping for a sewing machine with quilting capabilities for someone else, you may not know what to look for. Not only do they have many different sewing functions, but the price range can be overwhelming. What you really need to know are the main features of a sewing quilting machine that make sewing and quilting easier. Choosing the best Brother quilting machine for you depends on many factors, including your sewing needs, expertise and budget.

Here are a few elements of a good sewing machine to consider before purchasing:

  1. How easy is it to thread the machine? Using the machine will require frequent thread changes, so being able to do this easily and quickly is a big advantage of a sewing quilting machine.
  2. How difficult is it to change different parts of the machine? If you can do it in no time, it will save you a lot of time. This is especially important for more complex sewing designs where you need to change the presser foot or sewing plate to create different stitches.
  3. Do you have extra work space when quilting? Some machines offer an extension table in addition to the regular table for easier maneuvering when quilting.
  4. Is the length of the bar sufficient? Rod length is the distance between the motor and the needle. This function determines how many layers of fabric can be used in a quilt or in general sewing.
  5. How easy is it to change the coil? The new machines offer a very easy option without a bobbin case like the older machines. Some of them have a transparent cover where you can see how many threads are left or even what color the thread is.
  6. How many stitches do the machine offer, but also how difficult is it to change them? The more stitches you can use, the better your design will look. But on the other hand, with many different stitches, it is important that the machine is computer controlled, but not too complicated.


Brother CS7000X quilting machine for almost 5 years now and it is a great machine that has stood the test of time. This computerized sewing machine is easy to use with beginner-friendly features such as automatic bobbin winder and needle winder.

With 70 built-in stitches, 10 presser feet and a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute, this sewing machine will do almost anything you want it to do. It comes with an oversized removable extension table which was great when I was sewing bulky garments. Especially suitable for quilting, the Brother CS7000X quilting machine comes with a walking foot, spring-loaded quilting foot, 1/4″ presser foot and quilt guide to help quilters create great creations.

The XM2701 sewing machine is so easy to use that it is the best for quilting and sewing. It’s an affordable (usually under $150) Brother sewing machine that includes everything you need to sew or mend clothes and create Pinterest-worthy sewing projects. It’s not computerized and it’s not glamorous, but this Brother sewing machine will impress you with its performance and stitch quality. It has 27 built-in stitches, including one automatic buttonhole stitch, and 6 additional presser feet.

The Brother HC1850 is the “Cadillac” of Brother quilting and sewing machines available online and not from an authorized dealer. Includes 130 built-in stitches (8 buttonholes), 8 sewing feet and an advanced needle threader. The Brother HC1850 sews and sews with precise and accurate stitches and will be a reliable workhorse for your sewing corner.

The Brother SQ9285 sewing machine offers the most built-in stitches for you experienced sewists and quilters looking for an arsenal of decorative stitches. Specially designed with the quilter in mind, the Brother SQ9285 is an impressive update to the popular Brother SQ9185 sewing machine. Brother’s computer-controlled sewing machine, the Brother SQ9285 sewing machine, is programmed with 150 built-in stitches.

The Brother XR3774, Brother’s entry-level quilting machine, includes a removable wide table for larger projects and a quilting and walking foot. However, the feeders will need to be manually covered with batten. This reliable Brother machine is still portable and offers several automatic functions, including a bobbin winder and needle threader. These beginner-friendly options, standard on most Brother Models, set Brother sewing machines apart from other brands.


Brother quilting machines .Depending on how much quilting you expect to do and how much time you want to devote, a suitable machine can cost as little as $200 to $10,000 or more. Relax – most blankets are at the lower end of this range. Squares

The first step is the production of individual squares. In fact, they can be almost any shape, and many people find this to be the most creative step. Quilters can choose different materials, fabric colors and patterns, add embroidery or appliqué, and more. This stage of quilting places the least demands on the machine. Any quality sewing machine will do.

The next stage is to put all the pieces (squares) together. Hand quilting can be quite tedious here, but cheap sewing machines are fine. Table extension accessories can be useful for easier maneuvering as the unfolded blanket grows and expands. A machine with a long arm is a bit more comfortable here, but it’s not a huge advantage.

The last stage is the quilting itself – the connection of the beautiful top layer with batting and the bottom layer. This involves a huge amount of fairly regular stitches, so it’s really tedious to do by hand. Almost everyone here does some kind of machine quilting. It is this phase that places the greatest demands on the quilting sewing machine. Most, but not all, sewing machines can handle the final topstitching. Machine selection

As you might expect, most people choose the cheaper machines. It’s important to choose a brand and model that is reliable, durable, and has the stitches and feet you’ll need. Singer is of course the most famous brand. Other brands with good quilting models include Brother, Janome, Juki and Pfaff. A quilting sewing machine must also have enough power to handle a large stack of facing fabric, batting and backing fabric. If the model can handle denim and other heavy sewing jobs, it should be fine. However, make it a point to look for customer reviews with an eye for those that mention quilting.


Brother quilting machines .Whether you’re new to sewing or have a lot of experience making your own quilts, curtains and pillows, the new Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machines have you covered. This new model from Brother has amazing features that you will want to have at home. Since the machine is very affordable compared to its counterparts.

Look no further and try the special features of this great sewing machine. It has 60 unique built-in stitches that you can mix and match for your own creative designs. Using the buttons on the LCD panel, selecting stitches for sewing and embroidery has never been easier. This feature eliminates the need to rotate dials and prevents errors in your projects with error warnings.

Brother CS6000i sewing machines include many presser feet, such as a zipper foot and a blind hem foot. Trying to create professional looking finished edges? The transfer foot is your solution for creating perfect edges. The monogramming foot works great with decorative built-in stitches. The buttonhole foot and the buttonhole foot allow you to correctly size the holes in your buttonholes.


Brother quilting machines .One of the first sewing machines to hit the market was the Brother sewing machine. At a time when more women were interested in sewing at home, Brother filled the need by creating robust machines at an economical price.

Brother sewing machines are so well constructed that they easily compete with the top models from Singer. Instead of constantly trying to keep up with other companies by creating new technology, they continue to improve their machines by offering a unique combination of design and function. They are appreciated not only for their top performance, but also for their stylish appearance. Teenagers and adults are again and again drawn to the Brother range of machines for personal home use.

This Brother Embroidery and sewing machine is ideal for beginners as it has three sewing speeds and is equipped with a self-threading function. As another exciting feature, the Brother SE270D can be connected to the internet to download free patterns directly to your machine. This machine is light but sturdy and is economical in the price range of around $350.

Quilters love using the Brother CS6000I 60 Free Arm Computerized Sewing Machine with Multi Stitch Function. It is specially designed for easy handling of large blankets. It’s also the ideal machine for creating home decorations, crafts or clothing with 60 stitch functions at your fingertips. This particular model includes a plastic wide table that is ideal for supporting large blankets.


Brother quilting machines .Ideal for multi-functional sewing, sewing quilting machines are sure to come in handy. It is even a dream sewing unit for both amateurs and professionals who are versatile enough to handle these jobs. Due to this variant, it is not necessary to acquire separate separate machines for performing back-to-back activities. And when it comes to sewing or quilting performance, Brother Sewing Combos are compact with flexible features.

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