Juki industrial sewing machine .JUKI started manufacturing simple sewing machines in 1938 and now produces various models of industrial sewing machines to perform various operations. These types of industrial machines are more efficient in their functionality than domestic wastewater. They meet the needs of a specific task and work well for long working hours. JUKI’s long list of industrial sewing machines can generally be divided into three types. Glue stitch, chain stitch and automatic machines. Some of the most common types of sewing projects are t-shirts, jeans, bags, and couches. However, it does not end there. If it can be sewn and sold, rest assured, Juki has the sewing machine for the job.

Juki industrial sewing machines, also known as commercial sewing machines, are machines designed to perform specific tasks on the work surface; can withstand thousands of hours of use. Coming from a company that supplied the apparel industry with a range of great industrial sewing machines, Juki home sewing machines have carved a niche for themselves in an industry previously dominated by giants like Singer, Husqvarna and Janome. .

It has household sewing machines that have impressed many home DIYers for their capabilities, versatility and durability. It prides itself on its unique ability to handle many difficult sewing jobs that many other brands have yet to match. This is why many users have always been surprised by the skills they now have with a Juki machine. It is for home use, but its sewing capabilities actually put it in the realm of professional or industrial use


Juki industrial sewing machine. .Its box feed, which uses Juki industrial sewing machine technology, has proven to produce beautiful seams while providing great feed performance. All HZL-F series have a wide underarm space, making it easier to carry out larger sewing projects.

Another popular Juki machine is the HZL-F400. This machine is a near twin in size and weight to the HZLF-600 and has the same main features but with less capability. For a household that needs little of what the HZL-F600 can provide, the cheaper HZL-F400 may be a good choice.

With it, the stitch pattern can be easily selected by pressing the direct selection mode, which is a user-friendly feature of the machine. Its industrial quality buttonhole maker gives it an edge over other brands. It has a unique sensor that accurately creates buttonholes on most types of fabric.

. The Juki HZL-F600 boasts 225 stitch patterns and 4 swing fonts. It also has the capacity to sew a wide range of light to heavy materials without the usual fabric shrinkage, especially the lighter ones. With speeds ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 stitches per minute, industrial sewing machines are designed to provide higher speeds than home sewing machines. Industrial machines developed for commercial use are manufactured with motors that allow the machine to make the sudden changes in speed needed to produce products that use different fabrics that may require different sewing speeds.


Juki industrial sewing machine. Business owners are always looking for the best deals on large purchases to save their company money. To stay on budget, many business owners look to used industrial sewing machines for production. Used industrial sewing machines can still offer the same quality and reliability as new machines. While a business owner may be tempted to buy a used machine just to save money, it is important to be sure that the machine will meet their needs.

He should compile a list of capabilities and functions that the machine must fulfill without exception. Although cheap used industrial sewing machines can be tempting to buy because of their price, it is important for a business owner to thoroughly research the model to make sure it meets the needs of the business.

To determine which model of industrial machine will be right for the company, the buyer may want to research the most popular current models from well-known brands such as Singer, Brother and Juki. Once the consumer has selected a few models that would be perfect for the company’s needs, they can look at older Singer, Brother, and Juki models to find comparable used models. A tight budget can be achieved if the consumer is open to used machines.


Juki industrial sewing machine. JUKI’s long list of industrial sewing machines can generally be divided into three types. Glue stitch, chain stitch and machines.

The front and back of the fabric are stitched with an identically bound stitch. An example of an indispensable machine for every sewing kit is the Juki DDL-8700. The machine responds to different types of materials and creates consistent seam quality for men’s and women’s garments. A zigzag sewing machine is also available with the LZ-2290A. This machine is set up to sew with minimal seam fraying when making women’s underwear and light jackets.

Bonded sewing machines are responsible for many of the everyday items we work with. For example; cushions, curtains, aprons and light clothing are all created on the above models or on the LK-1900BN. While leather and other heavy materials are sewn on the LU-1508NS or AMS-210EN for the production of sofas, carpets, rugs, house slippers and other demanding applications. These machines hold strong needles and have the power to deliver strong substances.

The sewing of the elastic fabric is done with a chain stitch. The knit seam is made with a chain pattern with one thread. The MO-6800D is often used for underwear and sportswear because the toggle stitches are optimal for fabrics that stretch. Another notable chain stitch machine model that is a powerful button sewing machine is the MB-1800A. It has several stitch patterns that all suit the typical use of buttons.

The processes are fully automated to perform the entire set of operations. For example, the AP-876 pocket setter fully automates the setting of a pocket on jeans. Where the computer-controlled cycle machine AMS-210EN automatically sews programmed patterns including decorative stitching on pockets and other difficult places. It can also set emblems or labels. These days, most jeans are made using a few industrial machines or these automatic types.

JUKI’s range of industrial sewing machines help in the production of both apparel and non-apparel sewn products. From yoga pants to car seats, JUKI has sewing machines for a wide range of materials in the apparel industry in 180 countries around the world. Count on CUTSEW if you are looking for a new industrial machine or need another Juki sewing machine manual from us. Proudly selling JUKI industrial machinery since 1969, we can help you choose the right machine for your project.


Juki industrial sewing machine. Before purchasing an industrial sewing machine, consider your current workload, fabric usage, budget, speed, noise, digitization, and the types of machines you will need to complete your projects. Industrial sewing machines are designed for heavy loads and for various tasks within the work floor. If you want to understand the different types of machines you may need,

JUKI’s collaboration with Richtech brings a rich line of high-precision and high-speed temperature sensors and masks. With advanced thermal imaging technology, the Richtech V2 Pro and V2 Lite provide businesses with the fastest and least disruptive way to protect employees and customers.

JUKI’s association with Hashima & KM enables us to provide you with the highest quality products to meet your diverse needs. Through our partnership, we offer cutting machines, coating machines, fixing presses, X-ray inspection machines, needle detectors and high-speed thread winders.

JUKI industrial sewing machines for the clothing industry are designed to fulfill various functions in the creation of clothing products; from Industrial Bonded Stitch Sewing Machines, which are essential for sewing fabrics, to Industrial Bonded Stitch Machines, which are used to quilt fabrics to achieve a finished look.


There are a wide variety of industrial sewing machines in the market, but Juki industrial sewing machine is one of the best and famous brands that make sewers limited, easy and efficient. This brand is also used for thick fabrics because of their strong material. JUKI industrial sewing machines sew “stitches” for products in every industry, from clothing products, sportswear, shoes and bags to car seats. The sewing capabilities of JUKI machines support the global sewing industry. An industrial sewing machine is a great choice for anyone who regularly works on sewing or upholstery projects. You are likely to get better results in shorter periods of time, which is also ideal for those who run their own business.



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