There are many high end metal sewing machines for sale that still sew like they are 10 years old or less. Metal machines last and one of the best would be an all metal Bernina (any model) or a Singer 400 or 500 series or a Kenmore model 158. As you can see there are a lot of great metal sewing machines to buy. To know about them, continue reading our article. A little guide to the best metal sewing machines will help you find a great machine to use.

Modern times do sewage no favors. The machines don’t last as long as the old metal models. On the plus side for metal machines, most are essentially bulletproof. They can get spanked and continue working because nothing happened.


The weight of old metal machines for sale is usually quite heavy. This eliminates the use of aluminum to make these metal sewing machines. The main metal used in their construction would be steel or iron. However, in the more modern ones, it can be alloy or aluminum. Using technology, manufacturers have created tougher, lighter metals that do not lose their strength when combined with other additives.

What metal is used will depend on the manufacturer and how much they charge for the sewing machine. More and more modern machines are switching to plastic parts replacing more expensive metal parts. This will save the manufacturer some money and sometimes pass those savings on to you. Keep in mind that even though the sewing machine has a plastic outer body, there is still metal inside.

But not all parts will be metal. If you want to count the undercarriage as part of a sewing machine, you can expect that the vast majority of sewing machines made today have at least one metal part. However, not all modern sewing machines come with a metal chassis. Most of the metal parts have been replaced by plastic in a large number of new sewing machines. However, there is a large selection of models that still come with metal parts. It would be difficult to list all the different models.


Singer 4432 sewing machine

All metal sewing machines for sale. It’s not the cheapest heavy-duty model on the market, but we think it’s the cheapest that’s good for something. For around $200, Singer offers a sturdy metal frame, high-speed motor and stainless steel base. It’s a good choice for anyone looking for ruggedness on a budget.


Singer is extremely cheap for a heavy machine. It’s half the price of our other recommendations in this guide. While we don’t think you can fairly compare it to the Janome below, it has significantly better build quality than other models in its price range. It is the cheapest Heavy Duty machine that really lives up to its name. It has a metal frame inside. While this model still contains a lot of plastic parts (as do most at this price point), it has a robust build quality where it counts.


The build quality of the singer has gone down a lot over the past ten years or so. While this heavy model is much better than their normal machines, it is still disappointing in many ways. Except for the board, the entire case is plastic. So are the buttons. Overall, it still feels cheap. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Singer has poor reliability. In many cases, it can last for years without serious problems. This is not the case with other singers these days. However, as with many Brother models, quality control is a bit poor on this one.

Janome HD3000 sewing machine

The Janome HD3000 is a classic hardworking sewing machine. It’s one of our most popular sewing machines ever, and even though there are much better models on the market today, it’s still our go-to for heavy-duty performance. The HD3000 complements the Singer with a metal housing and gears, as well as an all-metal frame. It is much more durable than the Singer and has much better reliability. If you want the best of the best in heavy duty sewing and don’t mind a fully manual machine, get one of these.


Sews up to 860 stitches per minute. Although slower than Singer, he is more confident. The Janome has metal internal gears that make it more durable under load. In addition, despite the difference in top speed, it sews leather and denim like butter. The Janome leaves neat, consistent stitches on solid materials and layered pieces. In terms of consistency and neatness, it is much better than Singer. The feeders work more smoothly; the motor is more stable and never misses a stitch. It’s smooth and quiet.


When the machine first came out, there was a rare problem with units that only came with a reverse stitch. We haven’t had any problems with this and in any case it seems to be fixed now. As with Singer, you will find that most of the negative reviews on Janome are related to user error. Trust us. We’ve used it a lot and haven’t seen any issues that aren’t easy to fix and tweak. Reviewers who complain about tension issues or thread defects clearly haven’t read the instructions properly.

Janome DC5100 Sewing Machine

If you want the ruggedness of the HD3000 but want some extra convenience, the Janome DC5100 is the overall best choice. Technically it’s not a heavy model, but it could be. The DC5100 has a full on-board computer system with a massive stitch library that surpasses any other heavy-duty model under $1000. It’s easy to navigate and gives you a lot of options without having any breakable parts.


As you would expect from a more expensive machine, the DC5100 retains all the features of the HD3000. There is a built-in thread trimmer, just like the HD3000, and it has the same automatic needle threader. It also has an automatic bobbin winder. The biggest difference: it’s fully computerized! The DC5100 has an on-board computer with an LCD screen and touch navigation. Having a computer helps you in many ways, but it can often cost you in the durability/reliability department. Not this one! It has excellent long-term results.


Although fairly recent, it has a very old fashioned work lamp. It’s a bulb that doesn’t produce as much light and doesn’t last as long as modern LED bulbs. You can always replace it with a regular LED for sewing machines. It is expensive compared to our other recommendations. That one is more than triple the price of the Singer and adds a good $200+ to the price of the Janome HD3000. That’s what you pay for a rugged PC model. The keyboard and display are intuitive and easy to use, but not as good as the touchscreens on other computer models these days. It’s the price we’re willing to pay for resilience.


All metal sewing machines for sale. If you want a sewing machine with all metal parts, you may have to go back to old machines from before the 1960s or 1970s. It was somewhere in these decades that plastic begun to appear in various models of sewing machines. Some of the all metal machines are the Viking 6000 series, Necchi did well in the 500 series, but they didn’t always have free arm.

One option is to move into industrial production, as the Janome HD 1000 Black Edition Industrial Sewing Machine comes with an all-metal body. That metal is aluminum, but aluminum is tough and can take a lot of bumps and drops without damaging your machine. Its full metal body helps the function of 170 stitches and 1000 SPM for many years.

Singer sewing machines come with all metal parts. Some modern versions come with an all-metal body to help them stand the test of time. The HD 44 series should have all its models built with a metal body. The 4452, 4432, 4423, 4411, 44S and 14HD854 machines as well as the CP6350 machines should have metal bodies. One thing to watch out for with Singer is that although they have some full metal bodies on their sewing machines, they also dress up some of their models to look like they have metal bodies. So don’t be fooled and double check your bodies before buying.

Brother is also like many other big sewing machine manufacturers. They started using a lot of plastic parts in their sewing machines. If you don’t like plastic parts, you might want to look at a vintage machine that was built before the 1970s. The metal frame is one positive for Brother sewing machines, plastic parts can be a big negative.


The first place to look for an all-metal sewing machine for sale is the many different sewing forums on the Internet. Knowing someone who knows someone is a great way to get good leads as well as great deals.


All metal sewing machines for sale have been working their magic for over 100 years and are still going strong. All metal machines can work and have the longevity to prove it. If you want to use a reliable machine that does not have complicated bells and whistles and other factors, you need to turn to some of the best all-metal sewing machines made decades ago. The only downside is that they can be expensive to repair or replace parts. Metal has rarely been cheap when it goes into a finely tuned machine like a high-end all-metal sewing machine.


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