Bernina sewing machines quilt machine is a brand of high-end sewing machines manufactured by Fritz Gegauf AG Corporation, which was founded in 1893 in Steckborn, Switzerland. The company is known for its pioneering work in textile design. The founder of the company, Karl Friedrich Gegauf, invented the hemstitch sewing machine in 1893, before it was a very demanding and manual operation.

The organization produces sewing and embroidery techniques that enable sewing, embroidery, locking and quilting with ease and simplicity. Bernina is truly a brand that is recognized for innovation and quality in the sewing machine industry. Available models are appreciated for their functionality and reliability.


Bernina 720: Under $5,000

The Bernina 720 is a great option to consider. It is truly the best Bernina sewing machine that can be considered as the best all-round machine for sewing, quilting and embroidery. The Bernina 720 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with a number of features that will make your sewing more satisfying and fun. This sewing machine is designed to allow users to maximize their creativity, as it offers more than 681 stitches, 300 built-in embroidery patterns and 1048 stitch patterns, so everyone can explore their creativity. Its 4.3″ touch screen allows users to view, create and save the desired design digitally via a built-in memory card. When you need more help, you can count on the included instructional DVD to give you all the information you need to get started with your new sewing machine.



Bernina B79: Under $2,000

The Bermina B79 series of sewing machines was launched just 3 years ago. It comes with a combination of features from the other two machines in the range: the B70 DECO and the B77. Plus, it also has a 6” x 10” embroidery field so you can easily add embellishments if you want. In addition, the Bernina 79 comes with a lot of other features such as a built-in presser foot, programmable foot pedal, knee lift, etc. In addition, the machine is equipped with an LCD screen that makes it easy to view and select stitches and embroidery patterns. The Bernina B79 offers you a range of 550 built-in stitches; for any type of sewing project, you won’t run out of creative ideas with the variety offered by this sewing machine.



BerninaB77: Under $1,500

The B70 series from Bernina is not just a series of sewing machines, but rather a series of distinctive combos with different functions. Just as the Bernina B79 is an embroidery and sewing combination, the Bernina B77 is a computer-controlled and easy-to-use quilting and sewing combination. This machine can sew various thick and thin garments; from chiffon to leather, you can count on the Bernina B77. In addition, the machine is also capable of remarkable quilting, offering a range of 35 different quilting stitches to take your designs to the next level. In addition, the Bernina B77 also has utility and decorative stitches, a total of 500 built-in stitches, along with the benefit of 17 buttonhole patterns.




Bernina sewing machines quilt machine are known for their reliability, ease of use and excellent quality. Ask any proud owner of this machine and he or she will tell you the exact same thing! I especially like the Bernina 8 series. When you own one, even your most extravagant idea can come to life. It comes with speeds that no other machine can match.

The advanced ergonomic design will never surprise you. It claims to have the highest speed of any home sewing machine, 1100 stitches per minute isn’t bad, is it? It has a stitch regulator so you can have easy free-motion sewing every time. What about stitch control? This one is well taken care of as it has a 360-degree multi-directional stitching feature. Bernina Series 8 sewing machines offer 40% more space for jumbo bobbins compared to other conventional machines.

Another Bernina favorite is the Artista. It is an absolute sewing, quilting and embroidery artist with top-notch functions and features. It never ceases to amaze you. One of the great features of this machine is the patented BSR (BERNINA Stitch Regulator) which automatically ensures the same stitch length at different speeds so you don’t have to worry about it.

It has a large color touch screen and comes with multiple function buttons that are very easy to use and follow. The Favorites button can be freely programmed to give you easy access to the most frequently used functions. It can be called up via the touch screen.

Another feature I love about Bernina sewing machines is their USB Memory Stick and USB port. It has lots of embroidery so you won’t have to think about what your next project will be. The USB Memory Stick enables data exchange between your embroidery computer and PC.


Bernina sewing machines quilt machine. First you need to check the level of your sewing skills. Maybe you are a beginner and won’t be able to use an advanced sewing machine. Make sure you know your skill level as best you can and always buy a Bernina sewing machine according to your skill level. If you are confident in your skills and consider yourself a beginner, then the Bernina B77 is the perfect choice for you. And at the same time, it’s not a great choice for you if you’re an advanced sewer and want something more than high quality. Consider the Bernina 880 Plus, which is the perfect choice for advanced sewers. Beginners cannot use the Bernina 880 Plus properly because it is an advanced sewing machine from Bernina.

You may need to consider whether you prefer manual and automatic modes. Never consider an advanced and automatic sewing machine unless you are well aware of the technology and advanced features that a new sewing machine brings. Someone prefers mechanical sewing machines, and for someone they are just garbage and lack many advanced features. For example, you won’t find an automatic needle threader on mechanical sewing machines, but automatic machines have this feature with one click.

You need to consider sewing speed as a factor because that’s what you’re comparing sewing machines to. Sewing speed is a very important consideration whether you are looking for a Bernina sewing machine, quilting machine or embroidery machine. It is not wise to look only for machines with high sewing speed, as machines with high sewing speed can cause problems for beginners.

It is recommended considering a machine with a sewing speed no higher than 600-800 SPM. Some sewing machines offer variable sewing speed features that allow you to adjust the sewing speed of your Bernina sewing machine. So if your machine offers variable sewing speed, you will not find any problem in your sewing experience even if you are a beginner because you can adjust its speed according to your preference.

Of course, price plays a role in accepting or rejecting a sewing machine. And you also take into account the price of the sewing machine. Both Berninas provide high quality sewing machines. You might think that these machines are a bit more expensive compared to other machines, but due to their high quality, they are worth considering. This is not always the case, some Bernina machines are expensive and do not offer what you pay for. So always consider the price before buying a Bernina sewing machine.


Bernina sewing machines quilt machine founded in Switzerland over a century ago, Bernina has built a reputation for producing the best in state-of-the-art sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers and embroidery software. There are nearly 500 trained Bernina dealers in the US. The Bernina 830, which debuted in 2008, was designed to revolutionize the home sewing industry. Even though the world economy is in recession, sewing enthusiasts have decided to invest in Bernina sewing machines.

As a company, one of the best steps was to improve employee training. Any Bernina employee is available to answer your technical or customer service questions. With an experienced staff, Bernina offers some of the best customer service and advice in the industry. Not only do customers get a great product, but they have access to Bernina employees who offer an extensive database of sewing knowledge.

As a family business, the company takes a big risk by selling its sewing machines all over the world. However, he believes that the Bernina sewing machine can enrich the art of sewing around the world. That is why they devote themselves to the development of their employees in sewing. Bernina provides excellent customer service from experienced staff.

Quality, reliability and user-friendliness are at the forefront of the designs of Bernina sewing machines and quilting systems. Sewing machines are designed to work with a range of accessories available to maximize the user’s creativity. Bernina also offers embroidery machines to its sewing enthusiasts. Both single and combination embroidery machines are available. The advantage of the combination embroidery machine is that it produces professional results that will satisfy even the most demanding textile artists.

Home over lock sewing machines, or sergers as they are sometimes called, allow the user to sew, cut and finish seams in one step. They work their way through the cabinets very quickly and increase the productivity of both the worker and the home craftsman. Bernina not only makes sewing, embroidery and over lock machines; they also create software that maximizes the creative use of the machines.


Bernina sewing machines quilt machine is a manufacturer of the best high-end and professional sewing, quilting and embroidery machines. In this article, we have ranked and reviewed the best Bernina sewing machines to consider. Here you will find machines suitable for different aspects of sewing and also find out which machine is suitable for both beginners and experienced sewing machines; which machine is good for quilting and sewing. Bernina sewing machines are not as affordable as other sewing machine brands. So many Bernina lovers can’t just buy their expensive sewing machine, forcing them to buy used.

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