Where is the Bermina sewing machine made. BERNINA manufactures its sewing machines in two factories. We have been manufacturing sewing machines in Steckborn, Switzerland since 1893. The BERNINA factory in Thailand was established in 1990. BERNINA sewing machines from the entry level up to the 7 series are manufactured in Thailand, while BERNINA Switzerland still produces high-end line and long arm machines.

All BERNINA sewing machines are developed, designed, prepared as prototypes and tested at the Steckborn plant. Despite the strong Swiss franc, Hanspeter Ueltschi, the great-grandson of the company’s founder Karl Friedrich Gegauf, does not intend to leave this production site. The mutual proximity of development, testing and assembly is the basis of the quality of BERNINA products.

Today, the Steckborn plant produces high-end sewing machines as well as long-arm quilters; are distributed worldwide. In addition to prototypes for low- and medium-price sewing machines, parts for series production are also produced here. Undercarriages for Series 8 sewing machines are also produced here. These production steps take place in the BERNINA Flextec department, where a wide range of presser feet and spare parts are also produced.


Where is the Bermina sewing machines made. BERNINA is a premier sewing machine company with a history of developing high-end sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, sergers and embroidery machines. Their slogan is “Step into the future with the excellence of the past” and the business has been family owned since it was founded 100 years ago. The founder’s name was Piz Bernina, which is a 13,280-foot mountain in the Swiss Alps located between Italy and Switzerland.

Karl Friedrich Gegauf founded Bernina in Switzerland in 1893 when he invented the hemstitch sewing machine. This machine can sew at a speed of 100 stitches per minute. It was the first machine of its kind in the world and created quite a stir around the world. The mechanical production of edging then became known as “gegaufing”. Around 1900, the workshop employed 70 to 80 workers and developed into a small industry. The technical director was Karl Friedrich Gegauf. Georg, his brother, was in charge of the family business. The hemstitch sewing machine gained popularity and was sold internationally.

Today, Bernina is one of the largest private sewing machine companies and an established sewing machine brand known for its durability and stability. Bernina merchandise is sold worldwide and there are over 400 independent dealers in the United States who are educated and trained in Bernina machines and are ready to help you make your purchase decision. Committed to providing quality products and education to their customers, these dealers regularly host sewing machine classes, sewing events, and local demonstrations.


 B77 sewing machine

Where is the Bermina sewing machines made. This machine comes with some impressive capabilities, but the ease of use is a notable aspect, as is the simple navigation with the touch screen and multi-function buttons. You will also find and configure the best stitch according to the content or style of stitch you decide to use or use. To maximize thread tension, you can use the 5-inch color touch screen, which is optimally located in the middle of the unit. If you want to easily adjust the length or width of the stitch with the multi-function buttons, even while sewing. Get advice from a creative expert on the right stitch for your chosen fabric. It is very spacious. It is also very fast and provides precise stitches.



Bernina 720 sewing machine

The Bernina 720 is a great option to consider. It is truly the best Bernina sewing machine that can be considered as the best all-round machine for sewing, quilting and embroidery. The Bernina 720 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with a host of features to make your sewing experience satisfying and fun. This sewing machine is designed to allow users to maximize their creativity, as it offers more than 681 stitches, 300 built-in embroidery patterns and 1048 stitch patterns, so everyone can explore their creativity. Its 4.3″ touch screen allows users to view, create and save the desired design digitally via a built-in memory card. When you need more help, you can count on the included instructional DVD to provide all the information you need to get started with your new sewing machine.



Bernina 770QE sewing machine

The Bernina 770 QE is an excellent machine for high quality and precise stitches. In addition, Bernino’s Adaptive Thread innovation helps to set the best tension for each stitch by electronically adjusting the tension according to the length and width of the stitch. This machine is capable of embroidery and comes with a large working space for quilting, making it an ideal 3-in-1 package. The Bernina 770 QE also has the unique feature of a large bobbin that holds 70% more thread than normal bobbins, ultimately saving you worry about refilling the coil over and over again. Although this machine is capable of high-speed sewing of around 1000 stitches per minute, it does not produce noise or uneven stitches. Finally, the machine also comes with a patchwork foot designed specifically for straight stitches when patching fabric.




Where is the Bermina sewing machines made. First you need to check the level of your sewing skills. Maybe you are a beginner and won’t be able to use an advanced sewing machine. Make sure you know your skill level as best you can and always buy a Bernina sewing machine according to your skill level. If you are confident in your skills and consider yourself a beginner, then the Bernina Bernette B77 is the perfect choice for you. And at the same time, it’s not a great choice for you if you’re an advanced sewer and want something more than high quality. Consider the Bernina 880 Plus, which is the perfect choice for advanced sewers. Beginners cannot use the Bernina 880 Plus properly because it is an advanced sewing machine from Bernina. So I recommend choosing a sewing machine based on your skill level.

You need to consider sewing speed as a factor because that’s what you’re comparing sewing machines to. Sewing speed is a very important consideration whether you are looking for a Bernina or Bernette sewing machine, quilting machine or embroidery machine. It is not wise to look only for machines with high sewing speed, as machines with high sewing speed can cause problems for beginners. It is recommended to consider a machine with a sewing speed of 600-800 SPM at most. Some sewing machines offer variable sewing speed features that allow you to adjust the sewing speed of your Bernina or Bernette sewing machine. So if your machine offers variable sewing speed, you will not find any problem in your sewing experience even if you are a beginner because you can adjust its speed according to your preference.

Of course, price plays a role in accepting or rejecting a sewing machine. And you also take into account the price of the sewing machine, even if I don’t mention it here. Both Bernina and Bernette provide high quality sewing machines. You might find these machines to be a bit more expensive than other machines, but for their high quality, I’ll just say they’re worth considering. This is not always the case, some machines from Bernina and Bernette are expensive and do not offer what you pay for. Always consider the price before purchasing a Bernina or Bernette sewing machine.

You also need to consider a number of other features to choose the one that suits you best. When shopping for a Bernina or Bernette sewing machine, consider features such as four-step buttonholes, automatic threader, bobbin winder, automatic thread trimmer, adjustable tension, adjustable speed, and warranty. If you are looking for combination sewing and quilting machine, make sure the machine provides enough neck space or comes with an extension table. And with a Bernina embroidery machine, you must look primarily at the speed of embroidery and the quality of stitching. Consider Bernina’s Bernette 70 Deco if you’re a beginner, and Bernina’s Bernette B79 if you want something high quality.


Where is the Bermina sewing machines made. Bermina has its Swiss headquarters in Steckborn. The factory has been producing Bernina sewing machines since 1893, including the first mass-produced models with a pedal drive, for which it is recognized as the “mother of all sewing machines”.

Bernina used to make their machines exclusively in Switzerland, but then in 1990 they started a production unit in Thailand as well and now make their subordinate machines there. Bernina has various subsidiaries that operate their business on an international scale. For example, they have relationships with textile companies and related organizations in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. They only sell their products through a network of independent dealers in the United States. Other countries are served by dealers and distributors who are exclusive to each other and receive training from professional Bernina dealers.

Bernina products are only manufactured in Switzerland and Thailand by their sewing machine production units. This maintains top quality and fair prices for consumers. Likewise, Bernina is committed to the success of its own products through innovative design and constant attention to detail.


Where is the Bermina sewing machines made. Every sewing machine manufacturer tries to reduce its production costs and somehow succeeds. Many sewing machine brands started their production in Japan but later moved their factories to China, Vietnam, Thailand and some other Asian countries to reduce their production costs. Of course, this was also reflected in the quality of the sewing machines, but this was not the case with Bernina. Bernina sewing machines began to be manufactured in Switzerland and maintain this status to this day. From 1893 until today, Bernina and Bernette sewing machines have been manufactured in Steckborn, Switzerland with the same high quality they started with.

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