Best sewing machines for beginners Australia. Modern sewing machines have made the job much easier. But hold on. You cannot go for a sewing machine without knowing whether it is suitable for you or not. In that case, you need to check the features and research a bit about them. So there you have it – we’ve got five of the best sewing machines for beginners in Australia.

Since you are new, you may not know what to consider and what not to consider. No worries! We are here to help you. After going through the details of the products, you will understand – what to consider when choosing a sewing machine. And all this so that you have a deep insight into machines suitable for beginners.


It is always better to go with your favorite option. Since you’re looking for best sewing machine for beginners Australia. let’s see what other beginners in Australia are using.

 Brother XM2701 lightweight

This sewing machine has all the features a beginner needs. He also has a nice look with a well-built body. It includes many user-friendly aspects. Plus, it features some of the latest technology. Now let’s look at its features. Contains 27 built-in stitches! It’s a wide variety of stitches, I must say. Plus, it’s definitely great that you’ll already have some suggestions to boost your creativity. Wondering what these built-in stitch designs are? Here you have zigzag, blind hem and other decorative stitches.



 Brother FS40 electronic sewing machine with 40 stitches

We are here with some of the best sewing machines for beginners, right? But this machine is obviously suitable for students of different levels. But let’s see what this machine has in store for you. This sewing has 40 built-in stitches. And that means there are more stitches to explore. As a result, you can create excellent sewing projects. You may already know that the feeders pull the fabric forward when stapling. And not all machines have the ability to lower the feeders. So when you drop the feed, the machine will not pull the fabric.



 Brother FS60X electronic sewing machine

And another option for you to try! Let’s see what it has. It has a total of 60 built-in stitches. Because the sewing machines we’ve talked about so far have a lower stitch count. Nothing can stop the new stalker. You can create and receive help from the design idea engine. The foot set includes a blind stitch foot, a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, a button sewing foot, a zigzag stitch foot, a topstitching foot, and a monogramming foot. You can sew all kinds of things with these feet. Also, you can easily make several types of stitches.




Best sewing machine for beginners Australia. This section is intended to help beginners get started with a sewing machine. As exciting as it can be, you may be afraid to step into the world of thread and fabric.

Even if you have one, you might know something from there that your mentor hasn’t mentioned yet. And most importantly, you can be completely clueless about what and how. So let’s see what the experts have to say about the new sewers.

Get it; you want to learn how to sew. This means that your goal is not to learn how to operate a complex machine. For example, the free arm functions. For new students, it will be better to have a machine with a free arm.

Sewing cuffs, legs, sleeves or anything tubular is difficult without a free arm. You will need to be very careful with the part you are sewing so it doesn’t fall under your needle. Plus, it can tire your arm, shoulder, and eyes to make sure you’re sewing straight.

The thing is, it’s a real struggle for beginners. Therefore, it is better to choose a sewing machine with a free arm. There are more user friendly features like wider flat bed, touch control, top feed bobbin, auto needle threader, auto bobbin winder and many more.

Some people think they are starting over so a cheap machine will do for now. This is an unwise decision. First, a cheap machine will turn your passion into depression! I mean you will surely be frustrated with sewing tasks because the machine will run smoothly.

They also produce poor quality stitches. A bumpy ride and crappy stitches can lead one to jump to the conclusion that sewing isn’t just for you! Simply put, you won’t see any progress and you’ll think you’re doing it wrong. Eventually, you will become discouraged and stop pursuing your dream of being a better swinger.


Best ewing machine for beginners Australia. Some machines come with built-in features and accessories that you may not need but add to the price. Use the list below to help you decide.


Best sewing machine for beginners Australia. There are 2 main categories of sewing machines regardless of brand: 1 mechanical and 2 computerized. Price would vary. If you have a low budget, say less than $350-450, you will only consider mechanical options. However, don’t be discouraged. Look at it like you’re buying a mechanical car vs. both cars would get you from A to B, but with one you have to put in a little more effort and forward thinking like shifting.  A mechanical one would do the same basic operations, but a computer one would do the same steps with more ease. You can buy basic mechanical machines starting at $99, not that I recommend it, but it all depends on what you want to use it for. While the price of the computer machine starts from around 450 USD and above. Make sure you check out the reviews on the particular model you decide to buy, as some of them might be total garbage, while others would be decent workhorses.

So now let’s be honest with ourselves and see what we are buying a sewing machine for. If we want to occasionally create some household items such as cushion covers, kitchen accessories and runners, or once in a blue moon to hem our trousers. We don’t plan to use the sewing machine often, only occasionally when we are inspired or to create some unique gifts just before Christmas. In this case, you do not need to invest in an expensive sewing machine for beginners, and any basic sewing machine can do everything.

On the other hand, if you fall in love with sewing and would like to create something all the time, starting with basic sewing, then move on to creating clothes with lots of buttonholes and cute embroidery elements for you and your family. You look forward to coming home from work and finishing your next project; you are so creative and love to experiment with different decorative stitches. You are planning to make children’s clothes and would like to have some embroidery options. So what are the main differences in good questions? Remember, one thing in common is that both mechanical and computerized machines could do the job.

The word computerized speaks for itself. Instead of round dials on a sewing machine you would have buttons to press and the number or picture of the selected stitch, sometimes the default width and length would be displayed on a small LCD screen. It’s not that much of a difference performance-wise, but it’s a cool modern feature. Another thing is how many stitches you have. Mechanical includes basic all necessary sewing. Some have more stitches, some less. Computers should have a lot more funky sewing options that can be used as an example for embroidery options. Compared to my basic Janome 10 stitching, I have 49 built-in stitches on my Brother and Janome PCs.


There is no particular perfect Best sewing machine for beginners Australia that will suit everyone. There are many opinions and they may differ. All of the above is my opinion, developed over 25 years of sewing. So if you have the opportunity to try different machines before you buy your own, that would be a huge bonus. This way, you can experience some of the above features and decide for yourself what is relevant and important to you. That’s why in our studio we provide the opportunity and talk more about different types of sewing machines and have some for you to try. Then you can make an informed decision about your future purchase with more understanding and fewer unknown factors.

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