The brother HC 1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine offers 130 unique stitches, including 8 styles of one-step buttonholes and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for basic monogramming, plus 170 stitch functions for garment construction, quilting, decorative sewing and heirloom sewing. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, the HC1850 features a handy built-in stitch reference flipchart, push-button stitch selector and adjustable sewing speed.

The exceptional feed system maintains a smooth transition with almost any fabric and the automatic threading system makes it easy to change threads. Special quilting features include a removable wide table, spring-loaded quilting foot, and free-motion quilting. A super bright work surface with LED lighting, an easy bobbin winder system along with a quick-adjust bobbin make creating your next newest outfit a joy. With 8 presser feet and a removable wide table for larger projects, the HC1850 is lightweight and portable, perfect for your next sewing class.


Brother HC 1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine even if a beginner could learn on this machine especially with various types of help, the company offers more with its design. This machine is best suited for someone who has little experience and wants to explore different crafts. It won’t provide pro-level performance for all of its features, but it will let you do quite a lot.

For example, you can’t upload and edit embroidery patterns like you can with a high-end embroidery machine. However, there are enough embroidery stitches to keep hobbyists happily creating for a long time. Quilters may notice the missing knee lifter, but many will like the extension table and included spring-loaded quilting foot.

And if you’re a true beginner, the Brother HC 1850 sewing machine can grow with you, expanding your capabilities and providing many years of varied crafting enjoyment. You probably know Brother Industries as a manufacturer of printers and office equipment. But they also make sewing machines. In fact, the company began life as Yasui Sewing and Co., a sewing machine repair and parts supplier.

The company later became the Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Company. They launched their first product, a chain stitch sewing machine, in 1928. Since then, Brother has become one of the biggest and most trusted names in industrial and home sewing machines. Sewing machines tend to fall into two categories: those that do one thing very, very well, and those that do a little bit of everything. The Brother HC1850 is the second type. It is a multipurpose home sewing machine with specific functions and accessories for quilting.

This machine’s 185 stitches include functional and decorative patterns, eight one-step buttonholes, and a 55-character monogram font. An attached extension table is available for quilters to facilitate free movement work. There is also an accessory kit with a range of useful presser feet and other accessories.


Brother HC 1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine a common failure of multipurpose devices is to do several things in a non-standard way, rather than doing one or two things well. If a sewing machine doesn’t sew well, it doesn’t matter how many presser feet or stitches it has. How does the Brother HC 1850 sewing machine rate in this regard?

Overall, users found the Brother HC 1850 to make a great straight stitch on easy-to-sew fabrics. However, it seems to have a hard time with stretchy fabrics, Carmeuse polyester and satin, especially with worsted and zigzag stitches. And depending on your specific sewing needs, this can be a big mistake.

An all-in-one sewing machine must first and foremost be a good all-round sewing machine. The Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine works well with regular stitches and sewing fabrics with ease. However, if embroidery is your passion, you may find yourself switching to a specialized embroidery machine sooner than you think. For the right user, there is a lot to like about this machine. Decorative stitches

If you’re concerned about the limited stitch capabilities of your current machine, the Brother HC1850’s 185 stitches may be a revelation. You will not only get stitches that home sewists use straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blind stitch, etc., but also a huge selection of decorative stitches. You can select and edit them by pressing a button. There’s also a handy flipchart that shows you what each stitch looks like and how to choose them. The interface is simple but powerful. If stitch type is on your must-have list, the Brother HC1850 has it.

For reading some sources, the Brother HC1850 has one monogram font. Others say 55. It’s a bit confusing, but here’s the record: there is one monogram font with 55 characters. This may not sound impressive compared to more advanced models that have multiple alphabets with space to upload your own. At the same time, it’s a pretty cool thing to play with. And if you want to put the initials of family members on clothing or personalize your home ware, a single font is all it takes.

Coupled with the included buttonhole foot that automatically sets your buttonhole size, this dreaded task is reduced to a matter of pressing. And you don’t just get one buttonhole style. You get eight. It’s not a huge number, but it’s quite a lot, especially if you make enough of them, you’ll probably stick to one or two favorites anyway

You may have seen neat, completely parallel and straight rows of stitches on certain types of garments. This is a double (or twin) needle product. Some sewing machines can handle a twin needle, others can’t. The Brother HC1850 sewing machine comes with a twin needle and an additional bobbin for a second upper thread. You can use the double needle for decorative stitching or to reinforce the seam. See the twin needle in action.

Different types of sewing can benefit from different sizes and shapes of the work surface. The free arm and extension table are two different ways to make the work surface of your sewing machine more versatile. Free arm sewing machines allow part of the main work table to be moved away to reveal a smaller and thinner work surface. This is essential for small, circular sewing projects such as collars, cuffs and pant hems. On the other hand, an extendable desk will increase your work space. This in turn allows you to see more of your work and tackle larger projects more easily. It is especially useful for quilting, free motion and needlework.


You’ve decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a more versatile, feature-rich Brother HC1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine. Or maybe you’re just starting out and want a machine that will expand your skills and allow you to explore different trades. An all-in-one sewing machine like the Brother HC1850 could be your next step forward. As some follow, there are plenty of them on the market.

Dealers generally take two approaches to the accessory packages they include with their sewing machines. In some cases, the seller will give you a large collection of different things that you may or may not use to increase the price. In other cases, the machine may come with some very useful extras that don’t look impressive, but you end up using them all the time.

The manufacturer’s accessory package that comes with the Brother HC 1850 strikes a happy balance. There are quite a few gadgets, but they are mostly useful. Among other things, you’ll find quilting-specific presser feet, some common maintenance tools, single and twin needles, and a seam ripper. A folding table will also come in handy for quilters.

Manufacturers know that versatility sells. Consumers can purchase a special quilting machine, a straight stitch machine, and an embroidery machine at a high price. Or they could buy a single, affordable sewing machine that can do all of these things.

If you plan to do a little bit of everything, then it makes sense to get a sewing machine that can do a little bit of everything. Casual quilters, all-purpose home sewing machines, and people looking to add a decorative touch to projects and home accessories would all benefit from a top-of-the-line sewing machine like the Brother HC1850.

On the other hand, if you do quilting or embroidery at home, you may find that this type of machine is not capable of the professional level of quality or quantity that you need. So if you want to equip your business, a specialized professional machine is better for you.





The Brother HC1850 is a great computerized sewing and quilting machine that offers a lot of versatility to the user. Thanks to automatic functions such as threading the needle, it is also suitable for beginners. It features lots of customization options for stitching, buttonhole options, and monogram fonts. The monogram font leaves a bit to be desired if your goal is to add different types of letters to your projects. When choosing a sewing machine, you’ll want to be honest with yourself if you need all of its features.


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