If you’re looking for the best light weight and portable sewing machines for your sewing nook or on the go, these reviews will help you find one that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for a smaller full size sewing machine or a truly miniature sewing machine, there are many options to choose from.

All of these portable sewing machines are amazing in their own right. It’s up to you which one has the features you need. But don’t forget to check the cons too. You can be sure that these sewing machines are the best. You can never go wrong with any of these top machines.


A light weight and portable sewing machine for travel allows you to have a more flexible and convenient workplace. In this list, we will list the best machines according to your needs. Not only are they compact, but they also have great features.

 Portable sewing machine SINGER Start 1234

It weighs just 7 pounds, making it an ideal starter machine for kids and teens. It has everything a beginner needs. The only downside to this machine is that it is not built for heavy duty use as it is small. It doesn’t have an automatic needle threader and the bobbin can pop out once in a while. But its affordability and practicality make up for it all.


 Brother XM1010 Portable Sewing Machine

Here is a multi-functional machine that you can also use for quilting. It also comes with accessories that allow you to sew on most fabrics. When changing fabrics, don’t forget to switch needles for pens. It can also handle heavy fabrics such as denim. But this will require a lot of patience from you. A few things to remember. This machine does not have a speed controller, carry bag or on/off button. So you’ll need to make sure it’s unplugged when not in use.


Janome JW8100 Portable Sewing Machine

Winner of the Women’s Choice Award 2020 as the most recommended sewing machine. The Janome JW8100 Portable Sewing Machine has 100 preset stitches. In addition, it has almost all the functions that sewing beginners and experts look for in a machine. Although this is an impressive machine, many users find it unsuitable for quilting. Many also argue that it is not made for sewing through many layers.



Here is a list of things to consider when choosing the best light weight and portable sewing machine for travel.

Please check the weight and size of your sewing machine before purchasing. You know the dimensions of your workspace and the maximum weight you can lift and transport. If you want to travel with a larger sewing machine, consider choosing a rolling sewing machine bag to help you transport the sewing machine.

If the sewing machine is on the larger side, check the back or top to make sure it has a handle. My Brother CS6000i sewing machine has a molded handle on the back, while my Brother SE625 embroidery machine has a folding handle on top.

All sewing machines come with a straight stitch, although some miniature sewing machines may not be equipped with a reverse straight stitch option. Other basic stitches like zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch, basting stitch or satin stitch may be something you want to look for as well.

Presser feet hold the fabric in place while sewing. All sewing machines will include a universal zigzag foot to cover most projects. However, if you want more sewing options, it can be nice to look for a buttonhole, buttonhole, zipper, or even a hemming foot when shopping.

If you are sewing clothes, choose a sewing machine that can sew buttonholes. Personally, I love the one-step automatic buttonhole feature, but you’ll have to decide if that’s a big deal for you compared to the manual four-step buttonhole.

As you get into the more sophisticated small full size sewing machines, you will find several sewing machines that come with an automatic needle threader. The lever and hook apparatus on the side of the machine helps you thread the needle “automatically” instead of doing it yourself. Although these devices have a small learning curve, they are very useful once you get the hang of them.


Light weight and portable sewing machines for travel ease of use: All, the control should be simple and intuitive. It should be easy to set up the sewing machine to wind the bobbin and thread the needle, and easy to select and adjust the stitches you want. Work wear designer Kelly Hog boom told me that she often encountered beginning sewists who wanted to give up because of a frustrating machine, but were too inexperienced to know that it was the machine’s fault that things weren’t going the way they wanted.


The first two options are small full size sewing machines. The other two options are miniature sewing machines.

Brother XM2701 lightweight portable sewing machine

The Brother XM2701 sewing machine is a mechanical sewing machine that ranks among the best Brother sewing machines and the best Brother sewing machines for beginners. This is an affordable sewing machine that offers a lot of great features for beginners and more experienced sewists alike. It also comes in a nice, compact size. Although it takes a little time to learn, this needle threader helps users with reduced dexterity or vision to thread a sewing machine. An automatic one-step buttonhole is also included. This is useful if you are planning to make clothes and are a beginner. Finally, the maximum sewing speed is 800 ppm, which is very impressive for a small sewing machine.


Singer Start 1304 sewing machine

For Singer sewing enthusiasts, the Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine is a nice basic sewing machine that will travel with you easily. It’s not as full-featured as the Brother XM2701, but some say that could be a plus for users looking for a simple, basic sewing machine. As such, it is one of the best Singer sewing machines for kids. (It’s the one my daughter uses. See my Singer 1304 review for more info. It’s easy to set up and use and the limited options limit confusion for first-time users. If sewing turns out to be your new favorite hobby after a while, you can always upgrade to a more complete Singer sewing machine.



Light weight and portable sewing machines for travel are just that miniature. They weigh less than 3 kilos and fit into a small space. It’s not a full-fledged sewing machine, but it finds its place in the sewing machine community as a small sewing machine that costs very little and works for people looking for a simple sewing machine for basic sewing jobs.


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