Top five serger accessories you need. If you’re new to the world of sergers, you’ll want to start off on the right foot. While every machine purchase comes with a few standard extras, there’s nothing like exploring the options it offers, adding to your capabilities and skills by exploring the best serger accessories available to you. In addition to having plenty of standard backups on hand, you can experience unlimited creative opportunities with specialized accessories.

Here’s our list of the best serger accessories to add to your toolbox. Anyone with sewing or stapling experience knows that there are never enough extra needles, upper and lower cutters, screwdrivers and other things that are never available when you need those most.


Top five serger accessories you need. Each serger comes with different accessories. Although some necessary accessories may be included with your serger.

Although it seems simple enough, it is really important. Having serger cones is a must! Serger thread is designed specifically for working with a serger and its stitches. Serger Cones are Maxi-Lock and are supposed to be the best quality at the lowest price. When purchasing serger cones, you will want to purchase a set of 4 for most sergers. To start with, it is recommended to purchase a set of white, black and a more neutral color such as gray or beige.

Soft binding is used to protect your machine from collecting dust and dirt when not in use. If your machine has not yet been supplied with one, please select it. Using a protective cover when the machine is not in use saves you frequent cleaning of the outside of the machine.

While your machine should come with pre-installed needles, it’s a good idea to always have a few backups on hand. If you have a stitch problem (like uneven or skipped stitches) and you’ve already rethreaded on your machine, it’s time to change your needles! If your needle is dull or damaged, it can negatively affect the quality of the stitch. For most woven fabrics, I recommend using size 12/80 (lighter fabrics) or 14/90 (heavier fabrics) needles. If you are sewing with knits, I recommend using a ballpoint needle for best results. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the correct type of serger needle as it can vary from brand to brand.

This is another item your machine should have. You’ll want to have a screwdriver handy whenever you’re serging for a quick needle change.

Tweezers make threading your machine so much easier! Although I found that most machines came with tweezers, they are not always the best quality. Make sure you have good quality tweezers to make threading the machine easier.


Top five serger accessories you need. The Brother 1034D comes with a lot of features. It is packed with more than 22 sewing functions, including three-thread lock, four-thread lock, narrow sewing with ribbon, hem, home decorations and crafts, reinforced tapes and heirloom devices, and even special stitch functions that can be used for formal and wedding clothes. For sergers, this product falls into a very affordable range under $200, although this product comes with many positives compared to our other options. After comparing the frequency of reviews, we understand that this product gets exceptional reviews. The last 30 reviews on Amazon were received in just 14 days. The first 10 reviews were received in 5 days, the second 10 reviews were received in 5 days, and the last 10 reviews were received in just 10 days.




Many important features as well as special features make this product fantastic for us. It was also very functional for the low price, something the Stuffoholic team noticed. The product was very storable due to its incredibly portable properties. Compared to the other serger machines on this list, it’s very small, so it’s easy to carry around. However, if the machine is too heavy, it may be too difficult to carry. Fortunately, this is not the case with this product, as the weight is suitable for easy portability. The 4 thread lock worked perhaps best with this particular serger machine. The performance was greater than any other product that we have selected for you to decide which serger machine to choose. The 4-thread lock speed was also exceptional; the fabric was ready in minutes. This may have been the best technique for us, but the 3 over lock thread and 2 thread techniques were also useful to some extent. However, none of these techniques let us down at all, which is why we had so much fun testing them.




Brother Designio has a lot of other advanced features that will probably amaze you. It is more expensive than most sergers, but has some of the best special features. With this product you can sew quickly without risk; no one on our team here at Design My Costume has been harmed during their experience with this amazing product. The automatic feature allows us to create the perfect finish on our fabrics faster than we’ve seen before, and it’s been really cool. Less time and more quality was devoted to fabric production. The stitch width was easily adjustable between 3mm and 7mm lengths, helping us create the perfect thread possible. With this option, you can customize and decorate the product more.




First, one of the features that was of utmost importance to our Design My Costume testers was the powerful knife. Of course, this term sounds dangerous, but it is not. The strong blade made cutting much faster and easier. In addition, the result was a cleaner side of the fabric that created a nicer design. There is no risk of the knife hitting you or causing serious damage as there are certain safety precautions that can be taken. Also, the sewing speed is incredibly fast, more than most of the sewing speeds on the top 10 serger machine list. It also seemed from the reviews that they love the machine as much as we do. With a speed of 1500 stitches per minute, finishing the fabric is much easier and much faster. It took us about 3 minutes to complete a piece of fabric at this speed, but it may vary from fabric to fabric and person to person.




The expensive SINGER model is easily the best product on the list in terms of capabilities, and therefore easily the highest priced model. This serger machine has everything you could want in an amazing serger machine like this one for us. Singer’s professional serger was great in terms of its threading capabilities. Personally, we at Design My Costume have tested 5 and 4 threads through the lock much more than others. It’s easy to say that the 5 thread over lock is the strongest of the 5 and the most durable. A 4 thread lock was integrated into this machine and it was definitely the best 4 thread lock of all the serger machines on this list. The 2 and 3 thread techniques were also extremely good, no problems. But that was expected of us.




Top five serger accessories you need. But if you’ve never used a serger before, buying a new machine can be a little intimidating. Finding the best serger for beginners can be difficult. You want a machine that is basic and user-friendly, but also robust enough to handle your future projects as you learn and expand.

If you are new to sewing with a serger, you should also prepare to research the different brands and models available. Sergers range wildly in price from the basic $200 to the thousands of dollars of high-end models. But don’t be too shocked by the sticker; you can find well-made machines at an affordable price, but it takes research.

Here you will find all the details you need to choose the best serger for sewing beginners. If you’re wondering how to sew with a serger and whether it’s worth the investment, here’s what you need to know.

Unlike embroidery specialty sewing machines, sergers are not typically used by many sewing machines for decorative stitching and embellishments, which is a shame because you can certainly use your serger to embellish your projects with various threads and even ribbons and yarns. There are special techniques for joining beads with a serger. You can sew hems with a serger and do decorative chain stitching, etc.

However, the segments end the seam allowances with a nice toggle stitch that prevents fraying. So if you invest in a serger, you will likely find many uses and opportunities to give your projects a professional finish. There is a learning curve for new serger users. It takes a while to get used to this different way of sewing and to feel comfortable on the machine. Don’t expect to jump into quick projects right away. As with a regular sewing machine, a serger takes time and practice.


Top five serger accessories you need. How much thread does a serger use? Most sergers use 3 and 4, but some offer decorative stitching and use up to 8! If you are looking for a beginner serger, you should generally start with 4 thread sergers. The number of threads determines the types of stitches the serger is capable of. If you want a slipper that has cover stitches and chain stitches, then consider a 5-8 thread slipper.

What type of needles does your serger need? Most sergers use the same kind of needles as regular sewing machines, so a broken needle can be easily repaired or replaced. Others use specialized needles that are sometimes expensive or hard to find. A serger can use one needle to sew, 2 needles at a time, and a combined serger/cover stitch machine can sew with 3 needles at a time.

Which sergers use special needles? Singer Sergers used needles different from those of home sewing machines. Also, combination serger/cover stitch machines use special needles. For example, the Baby lock Triumph uses EL-705 CF needles and is different from home sewing machine needles.

Many sewing masters know the struggle of threading a serger! Older versions were very confusing when it came to creating threads, using a complicated process that seemed difficult to follow, especially at first. Many sergers don’t have anything to help thread the needles. Then you have to settle for threading the needles by hand. Watch my video tutorial on how to easily thread a sewing machine needle to see different threading methods.


Top five serger accessories you need. Technically, a serger is a specialized sewing machine, but unlike a standard machine, a serger uses three to four threads in the sewing process. The most common type of serger is the 3/4 serger, which means it sews with three or four threads. The intricate thread pattern creates a “lock” that prevents the stitches from unraveling. Plus, the serger uses a blade to cut away excess fabric, leaving you with a clean, professionally trimmed edge that won’t fray. Sergers use tools called “loopers”. Loops are similar to bobbins on sewing machines. These are metal fingers or rods that position the thread and help create the rib stitch.


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