Best over lock with automatic tension control.  Automatic tension means the overlocker selects the stitch settings for you and creates near-perfect stitches instantly. You don’t need to experiment with settings to get a good stitch. While adjusting the voltage isn’t too difficult, learning the voltage preferences and vagaries of a new cabinet was just a no-brainer. Automatic thread tensioners have no tension knobs and do not require user input to set the tension.

Whether you’re pulling a thin jersey knit or thick, stable denim through the serger, the threads automatically meet where they should every time to create a professional-looking stitch. However, these sergers are still not omniscient and on most machines you have to adjust the differential feed, stitch length and stitch width. Although some advanced sergers have recently arrived that are almost robotic and adjust these sewing parameters as well, they are rare and expensive.


These best over lock with automatic tension control are in no particular order of preference. Instead, they’re organized by brand, so you can compare different manufacturers’ offerings.

They currently have four over locks with automatic tension control. (Yes, there are older models, but they’ve largely been discontinued and replaced by these four.) While Baby Lock machines were previously only available at retailers, many retailers have expanded to sell Baby Lock sergers online, which is a huge win. For example, Sewing Machines Plus, All Brands, and Ken’s Sewing Center sell many models of Baby Lock sergers online, so you can shop from the comfort of your couch.

Juki 3000QVP, Juki has actually been making Baby Lock series at the Juki factories for years.  Lock sergers technology For example, the Juki has a knee lifter, an automatic chain thread cutter, a curved foot for easier cutting through turns, a programmable foot pedal and an LCD display that allows you to customize many of the machine’s parameters.

This serger machine costs more than an old car, so let’s just say it’s pretty nifty. It has efficient loopers for threading, knee lifter, free hand, automatic tension adjustment and a large touch screen. Drool-worthy on-screen technology includes the Bernina Sewing Consultant and Stitch Optimizer. You can set the Overlocker to Expert or Guided Mode, where tension, differential feed and other stitch parameters are automatically set. This machine takes the guesswork out of it and makes your wallet look good.


Best over lock with automatic tension control.  Even those who advertise this feature don’t always put it in the Meta paragraph or intro and you can click through the details.

But that will be the hardest part of this quest. Amazon advertises that they have automatic tension sewing machines, as do many other online stores. This means that your next hardest task will be to remove these online resources from contention.

If you are tired of shopping online and want to try out a sewing machine, the best place to go would be various sewing machine dealers. They should have these models on display and you should be able to try them out to see if they are right for you.

When you do this, one person suggested that you bring your own thread and fabric, as samples from either vendor may not fully let you know if auto-tension works for you and your sewing projects.


Best over lock with automatic tension control.  If you need automatic tensioning, the Pfaff Hobby lock 2.5 is your best choice. It automatically selects the tension setting for you and instantly creates (close enough to) perfect stitches. You don’t need to experiment with settings to get a good stitch.  Remember, this is still a hand-threaded machine. Choosing the right tension setting is critical to getting a neat, professional-looking stitch. With manual machines, getting the right setting for each fabric can take many tries. Fortunately, there are overlockers that will solve this for you! It automatically detects what fabric you are using and chooses the best tension setting. If that sounds perfect to you, the Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5 is a good choice. If you want to make any adjustments to the settings, the machine will let you take control.

This overlock machine definitely cannot leave anyone indifferent. At first glance, it impresses with its bright design and compact body, which makes it a great addition to any home. Measuring 11″ x 14″ x 11.5″ and weighing just 13.5 lbs, it fits easily on any desk. Despite its relatively compact size, it still sews the same 1,300 stitches per minute as its larger counterparts, allowing you to finish your projects just as fast. And like its larger counterparts, it allows you to work with a wide variety of different fabrics, including quite delicate and heavy. The Singer S0230 Serger Overlock Machine will not crease the fabric and subsequently prevent tearing.

The machine allows for 97 different applications, meaning you can do almost anything you want to have it on hand, from sewing to trimming and finishing. Plus, you’ll be able to sew and stitch at the same time, which can save you a lot of time in the long run. And as the manufacturer claims, thanks to the ultra-precise setting of the sewing speed, you will always get exactly the result you expect from the machine. The Overlock Machine S0230 Serger is equipped with a differential feed, so you can easily adjust the feed. Remember, a differential feed mechanism is usually an integral part of high-speed industrial use, so we bet this compact machine will stand the test of time even under heavy use.


Best over lock with automatic tension control.  Overlockers are a type of sewing machine. They are specially designed for joining fabrics together with an overlock stitch. Over locks are great for making clothes. The first is speed. Typical overlockers can sew twice as fast as sewing machines.

They also use 3-5 cones of thread at a time, which means they can create many different types of stitches. This will save you time and give your pieces a beautiful, professional look. Overlockers (or serger sewing machines) are used to finish the edges of the raw fabric.

For complete sewing beginners, there are plenty of stitches available on the home sewing machine (check out our guide to the best sewing machines for beginners), such as zigzag and garter stitch. They can be great for finishing rough edges and extending the life of garments.

In addition to creating a series of stitches across the raw edge, overlockers also cut the raw edge of the fabric while sewing for a neat and accurate finish. You can also use an overlocker to sew a seam and finish the raw edges at the same time – this means the time it takes to sew and finish one seam can be cut in half.


Best over lock with automatic tension control.  There is a function that follows the stitch pattern but does not follow the thickness of the fabric and is considered inferior to the first function. The machine follows your command and does not perform any monitoring until you set the desired voltage level. All the auto level does is switching the tension when you change the thickness of the fabric, but it can’t do that by itself. If you set the voltage selector to 2 or 3, it will not monitor the fabric.

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