Best Overlockers with built in thread cutter are a type of sewing machine they are specially designed for joining fabrics together with an overlock stitch. Over locks are great for making clothes. Typical overlockers can sew twice as fast as sewing machines.  They also use 3-5 cones of thread at a time, which means they can create many different types of stitches. This will save you time and give your pieces a beautiful, professional look. Overlockers (or serger sewing machines) are used to finish the edges of the raw fabric.

For complete sewing beginners, there are plenty of stitches available on the home sewing machine, such as zigzag and overlock. They can be great for finishing rough edges and extending the life of garments.  In addition to creating a series of stitches across the raw edge, overlockers also cut off the raw edge of the fabric as you sew for a neat and accurate finish.


Best Overlockers with built in thread cutter. One of the best overlock machines at the lower end of the price range is the Brother M343D overlock machine. It can finish seams with 3 or 4 threads and offers several stitch options, including narrow hem, rolled hem and ribbon lock stitches. The side cover of the machine is removable to convert the flatbed into a free arm, ideal for sleeves or leg hems.

We started with a cabinet at the lower end of the price range for anyone who wants to dive into the water.  The machine has a differential feed setting that allows you to control the amount the machine stretches or feeds when sewing.

Next on the list is the Janome 8002DG. Janome is a popular choice for many sewing machine manufacturers and this cabinet does not disappoint. The thread guide is color coded so you know which thread fits which position. This is very helpful because over locks can be awkward to thread at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to thread them in no time, just like learning to thread a regular sewing machine. Like the Brother and Jaguar models above, the Janome 8002DG can sew a rolled hem and has a differential feed setting to help sew stretch fabrics and fabrics of different weights.


Best Overlockers with built in thread cutter. As a rough guide, look for threads that are at least 1000m for stress-free sewing. If possible, try to collect four cones of the same color, because then you will always be able to work with the maximum number of threads. If you knit with similar shades, such as three blacks and one dark blue, you shouldn’t notice a difference if you thread one needle with a different color.

Gutterman is a well-known thread brand that provides quality threads for tailoring and home wares. Polyester thread is strong and washes well, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

This 100% polyester thread is available in a wide selection of colors – the shade must match your project, and with 3000 yards of thread on each cone, you won’t run out of a seam in the middle.

Another Simply Sewing magazine favorite, these threads come in a range of pastel colors and are great for sewing projects as you’ll be sure to find the right fabric for your fabric. These 1000m bobbins can also be used on your sewing machine.


Best Overlockers with built in thread cutter. Once you purchase a locker, you will need to learn how to use it. First you need to go through the wardrobe. The threading process varies from model to model, so always read the instructions. If your machine does not have thread, you need to thread the looper and needle. Thread each cone one at a time. Start with the upper loop, then the lower loop, and finally the needle.

Now pull the thread through the tension mechanism and into the thread guide under the tension disc or lever. Your machine will have colored dots or lines to indicate who should be threaded first. If your machine already has some threads in place (you just want to add more when you run out), then the knot method is the easiest form of threading.


Before you go out and buy the best Overlockers with built in thread cutter there are some important considerations to keep in mind. If you keep the following considerations in mind, you should have no problem finding the best option for you.

Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind is the number of threads a given computer can handle in the box you must have this skill to make these overlock stitches. In general, the more fibers a machine can handle, the more versatile it will be in terms of functionality.

One of the hardest things to learn with an over locker is threading. Of course, when you’re dealing with 4 threads, threading can be quite a problem. For this reason, you definitely want a bottom looper that is very easy to thread. As you can see from our reviews, some models even come with self-threading bottom loops. At the very least, you want to choose an over locker serger machine that comes with a color-coded threading system.

Different types of fabrics require different properties. Therefore, one thing you definitely want to watch out for is differential feeding. Not only do you want a differential, you want an adjustable differential. You definitely need a good differential feed to keep the fabric from twisting or stretching. These are two major problems that box machines that have poor quality differential feed suffer from.

Another feature you want to look out for is the free arm. While you may not always need a free hand, it can come in handy. This is especially the case when you are sewing fabric tubes. In other words, if you are making sleeves and pants, then you definitely need a free hand.

One of the main features of any good serger over locker machine is that it cuts fabric while sewing. This is of course one of the biggest differences between an over locker and a regular sewing machine. That’s why you want the machine to not only have a good cutting blade, but it should also be adjustable. You should be able to modify this knife to suit different needs.


Best Overlockers with built in thread cutter. Can seem quite daunting, especially if you’ve never used one before. But if you want to be sure that the garments you sew will last and look like professionally made garments, a good over locker and top stitch will be crucial. You can really tell from the quality of the implemented projects. If you have experience with sewing clothes and home decoration projects, you already know the value of wardrobes.

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